What to Expect Soon…

Hello there!

In the past few days, there have been many suggestions and a few appointments made to begin this great adventure! If you would like a small hint, the theme of this upcoming week will be Mexican food! You may think that you know everything about this family favorite, but I hope to give you a side of the story you could not have guessed. If you still want to guess which family establishment I am talking about, I suppose you may know the name of the restaurant I’ll be introducing to you first. There are your hints, and look for a post coming your way soon. I need suggestions for what to try (or not) when I get there!

Currently, I hope to feature one to two restaurants per week. I expect to show you the full experience each place offers with pictures, quotes, the works and also find out a tasty little tip for your own kitchen skills. We all would like to impress a few friends over dinner, right? Local tricks might just be for you.

How else might you get involved? Well, every restaurant has its strengths and weaknesses. If YOU decide to go out and eat local, I want to hear your stories! The good, the bad, the weird, the memories- I want to know what to look for when I go eat! Comment on the first WHERE I ATE, WHAT I ATE discussion post tomorrow and join the conversation!

The Official Where I Ate, What I Ate Button (for bloggers out there):


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