Guess Where I’m Going & Win!

Our dining theme? MEXICAN. The source for this lovely photo? Sweetbites Blog (click picture)

Tonight, I will enjoy the company of a dear friend and dive in to foodie ventures at a local Mexican favorite. I wanted to make this a little fun (and sneaky) so I have a game for you to play! And it comes with real prizes!

What are the prizes? Well please, let me tell you:

1.) You get to pick a favorite local place to eat in Arizona and
2.) You get a FREE MEAL there on me (or a gift certificate up to $20) PLUS
3.) a few extra goodies to add a little sunshine to your day!

Sound pretty sweet? Well, to win you need to play by these four rules:

1. You must live in Arizona to participate and be willing to provide your information to receive any won prizes.
2. Your local restaurant must be within the geographical area bounded by the NW intersections of Hardy Dr. and University (ASU, Tempe) and the SW intersections of Greenfield  and Germann Rd.
3. Your local restaurant must offer gift certificates.
4. You must guess before noon Friday (not necessarily correctly) via reply below: Where is Bethany going local tonight?? See here for my initial hints and good luck!

–This contest is now closed. Stay tuned for another coming very very soon!–

*Our lovely tamale picture (above) has been provided by Sweet Bites Blog. Visit to show a little love, okay? Monica is an adventuresome chef with a handful of Mexican recipes to boot! For instance: click here or here or maybe even here for size. Thank you Monica!


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