Guess Where I’m Going Local & Win!

This week I will enjoy spending time in a kind of little Italy. A local restaurant with culinary style brought over from a well known city where the American flame never dies out. And the great weather there? “Forgetaboutit.” Arizona sunshine cannot be beat. These are your hints for guessing Where I’m Going Local and if you win, there are great prizes! Please note that you do not have to guess correctly, by any means. Just have some fun and try!

What are the prizes? Well please, let me tell you:

1.) You get to pick a favorite local place to eat in Arizona and
2.) You get a FREE MEAL there on me – a gift certificate for $20 PLUS
3.) a few extra goodies to add a little sunshine to your day!

Sound pretty sweet? Well, to win you need to play by these four rules:

1. You must live in Arizona to participate and be willing to provide the necessary information to receive any won prizes.
2. Your local restaurant must be within the geographical area bounded by the NW intersections of Hardy Dr. and University (ASU, Tempe) and the SW intersections of Greenfield  and Germann Rd.
3. Your local restaurant must offer gift certificates.
4. You must guess before noon Friday (not necessarily correctly) via reply below. Winner will be randomly selected via

—Contest Closed—

Good luck and tell your friends to enter! Maybe they’ll share if they win!

*image source: weheartit


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