Fall Time, How I Adore You

Fall is this gorgeous time of year when most of Arizona begins to hope for a cool breeze. Those up north generally enjoy this phenomena while desert dwellers only get the benefits of Halloween supplies cropping up. A subtle reminder that Fall actually exists. At least retail is thoroughly convinced, hehe.

One of my favorite things about the fall experience are the colors. Deep reds, bright oranges, and glittery gold colors start to infiltrate the office, the gym, and everything in-between. A salute to the season of changing leaves, pumpkin patches (Charlie Brown shout out!), and costume loving is in order.

Did I round up a bunch of recipes for you? You betcha!

For your inner child or your favorite children…

Halloween Candy Corn Bark

For the big kids who love local apples…

Bourbon and Apple Cider Cocktail

For the sweet tooth (an alternative to pretending to be an 11 year old on Halloween)…

Great Pumpkin Truffles (you knew I had to reference Charlie Brown at least once more)

If a vegan or those trying to treat one well…

Vegan Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

For the purely “chef”…

Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Pies

Those pies might just go perfectly with the cocktail and a few dessert truffles. Or maybe that would be too rich. I suppose I might have to find out with a little investigation and a few willing victims. Luckily, all of these recipes use  ingredients which can be sourced locally! Not only does this mean incredible difference in flavor, but also a huge increase in nutrition.

Well, maybe not for the bark. But the love you poured into the end product counts as soul food. And that’s nutritional! Problem solved.

Tell me what your plans are for Fall food activities or share some finds!

*images: each source linked to recipe names, none of these are mine


4 thoughts on “Fall Time, How I Adore You

  1. Yum! These all look delicious! Great finds.
    I’m so excited to get back to baking more regularly. Muffins, breads, cakes, mmmm….I never bake during the summer because of the heat, but fall weather just calls for it!

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