Stressed? Relaxed recipes.

Could you use a few de-stress tactics? I know I could.

10 page essay
study & take management midterm
write 3 BE midterm questions, outline best responses and MC questions
complete prospectus essay & compile semester assignment
finish 2 econ problem sets
take online final for 8 week class
present materials on behavioral economics to class for an hour
meet with exec board and plan marketing strategy
work out (de-stress)…

…and this is only since Tuesday? Oh dear Lord.

Stop the presses– Fall break is here for crowds of little people, but midterms are here for me. Maybe you too have been juggling too much lately! I thought about what a busy life can do to balance, and finally decided that I needed some help. Stress wrecks the feel of our week, and sometimes we need an outlet before the weekend. My solution for the in-between?

GIFTS. Yep, you read me right. Gifts. Small indulgences to look forward to. Non-stressful, little rewards for winning the small battles and bracing for the big ones. You know what I’m talking about? Gifts serve as mini-inspiration to keep up the difficult work and help remind us that eventually, there is an end.

Personally, I get fired up to create or actively work out my tensions. How does this translate into a “gift” situation? Well, I can either make myself a gift, or better yet, spend a few seconds extra creating some for a friend.

Cheery spirits are somewhat contagious.

Making a gift, however, can require time. And too much time only adds stress, not success and positive energy. How do I make some quality rewards, and quick ones? I present the D-I-Y for quick tiny treats:

Pumpkin Spice Latte – 6 ingredients – 5 minutes max – perfect caffeine rush & kosher

Waffles – 9 ingredients – 10 minutes mix, 2 minutes cook – drizzle with peanut butter, chocolate shavings, a schmear of whipped cream… perfect morning delight or frozen snack

Sweet Potato & Carrot Fries – 6 ingredients – 45 minutes* – savory, healthy, good smells

Apple Nachos – 7 ingredients – 5 minutes – brilliant. vegan. college-friendly.

BaNilla Sammies – 3 ingredients – ready in seconds – budget friendly & cheerful

Generally, if you make a batch, you can share at least the recipe. Roommates, family, co-workers, everyone can appreciate a tasty new treat. Personally, I think an office BaNilla Party sounds really fun for the lunch break.

Some of you might want a different strategy though. Creativity using… D-I-Y tiny favors:

Melted Crayon Art – 5 supplies – 5-20 minutes : who doesn’t want to melt stuff?

Simple Origami – paper (scissors perhaps) – varies : beautiful and impressive

No Carve Pumpkins – varying supplies – your call on time : keep the kids busy!

Even though these projects take longer, sometimes it takes a while to really remember to relax. I know I can get to that point. Hopefully these inspire your week and give you some starting points to turn that week around.



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