Last night I hinted at my plans for this morning and MY what those plans turned into. It all started with a trip for groceries on Friday.

Of course, I am hooked just walking towards the entry. Giant, colorful piles of produce reminding me it’s Fall, and I just love the Earthy appearance. I mean, how often can you find Indian corn sitting around? Someday, I will have to actually eat them. The crazy colors stuck in my teeth would be worth it!

After succumbing to the call of the pumpkin pile, I was informed that the giant 69 cent per pound pumpkins on display were not the edible kind. Nuts. In order to scheme pumpkin-y treats, I apparently needed the special baby ones inside. The sugar sweet pumpkins. I bought two. One missed out on a haircut.

I came home and waited before actually staging the operations. It was the start of the weekend, and I needed some co-conspirators. In life, I’ve found that the perfect individuals for any adventures are definitely brothers. When you want ideas for launching, parading, confusing, or general mischievous activities, brothers are magical fountains of creativity.

At least, my brothers are.

In order to provide the willpower necessary for our decided shenanigans, the Little Man (my youngest brother) agreed to a Sunday morning trip for sugary inspiration: Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Unfortunately, inspiration can come at a hefty price tag. 2 grande pumpkin spice lattes for $10.55??? What is THAT Starbucks? Anyways, at 8:30am, we launched.

Demolished in little over an hour. Seeds, pulp, pumpkins. Delicious.

Thinking ahead (not) I looked up how much pumpkin pulp we might actually need to engage a pumpkin in culinary artillery. A deliberate assault on its person for the sake of baked goods. It is a rare case when the benefits of war outweigh the casualties. Pie is such a case.

Meanwhile, as I consulted the internet with incredible searches (aka “how to make pumpkin pie with a real pumpkin,” “pumpkin pie recipes with REAL pumpkin,” “how to use a REAL PUMPKIN”), Dave (brother #2), took one of our specimens to plot its design. He is quite skilled at creative ideas, so I just handed it off without a second thought.

While he sat down like an astute professional, I was winging it. Roasting pumpkin seeds cannot possibly be a challenge, right? Just coat anything in enough butter and sugar and the problem fixes itself. Well…

Tasty as these looked, something went terribly wrong. I think next time I will consult an expert. How roasted pumpkin seeds could taste so bland after so much butter and cinnamon hit the pan is beyond me. If anyone out there has tips to make a local pumpkin seed rock the palate, please help a girl out! Anyways, I left the pan a little frustrated that the seeds did not turn out so good.

I hoped that the pumpkin insides would generate a better treat. However, a brilliant turn of events happened while I was about to wing the next pumpkin-focused recipe. David mentioned PUMPKIN BREAD. (Did I not say how brilliant brothers are? Seriously.) I had almost forgotten about the most amazing gluten free baker on the internet, and the fact that her treasure trove of a collection had pumpkin bread in it.

Enter a mad dash to the pantry, mad dash to the computer, and glee-worthy salute to the sky. We could still roast the pumpkin into a delicious treat and better yet, the result would be a guaranteed success. The Gluten Free Goddess is just that good. Mangia.

As you can guess, I made a gigantic mess which my parents will never know about. I’ve heard rumor that all good cooks are excellent at creating such things in the process of brilliance. But maybe that is still just a rumor. To be fair, the mess came from grinding the buckwheat in my dad’s coffee grinder. Hehe, getting that fiber in one way or another I suppose. Not that he’ll ever know… 😉

It also came from the roasted pumpkin halves. The flesh peeled off just like the instructions indicated, but the lack of immersion blender meant a trip to the regular blender. And regular blending. If only a blender cleaned itself up. That is an invention I think everyone would pay the bucks for.

Either way, the end product of the blending and flour smoke signal (let’s just say that the coffee grinder idea successfully powdered the grain) turned out a quite promising product. Quality bread goo for sure.

After a day completely spent on pumpkins, I ran out of time to take the final picture. Some shock and horror for you classy readers. I admit my fail to take the final picture, however, I promise a nice make up. Tomorrow morning, I will find a pretty little sunlit location and give you a quality shot of the pumpkin bread slice I saved. Promise.

Coming up this week you actually have more to look forward to, believe it or not. This weekend is the Cupcake Love In and I am especially thrilled to be going because a special guest will be joining me at the festivities! Stay tuned and you’ll find out more. Plus, I visited another local restaurant this weekend and I’ll bet you have never ever tasted one of their treats.

Like I said, stay tuned this week. Do you have any pumpkin stories to share? Perhaps some Halloween costume ideas?


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