Local Treats: Frost

I wanted to share a little treasure I found this past weekend with you. Consider this local frosty treat…

I believe it is gluten free (removing the wafer) and it is certainly dairy free. I chose a strawberry-champagne sorbet with, as the employee put it, a “sample” of limoncello sorbet on top. Generous “sample” and generous staff!

Jessica’s mom actually recommended this location after hearing word of my poor reaction to Cold Stone. I need not describe all the details, but I do believe I am lactose intolerant. (Six hours of nausea and intense stomach pain. Thanksgivings started rather poorly in the early hours of Thursday morning.)

En liu, the Frost Gelato Shop offers a wonderful selection of flavors for the lactose intolerant and those who can enjoy dairy! I believe I could taste the bubbles from the champagne in my sorbet. Really amazing. The texture surprised me the most since it was so creamy. Sorbet? Creamy? What a top notch alternative since my dairy days are over!

If you want to check it out, a Frost Gelato Shop can be found in Tucson or in Gilbert at SanTan Mall (where I went). The original store opened in Arizona, even though it has out of state locations. Please let me know if you go and try other flavors. I love recommendations and am curious about their sorbettinis and (hopefully dark!) hot chocolate and… well, I need to make a few more trips. 🙂

Q: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you have seasonal favorites?

*For those who may have noted: Yes, I am allergic to citrus (strawberry, lemon) and so I did pay for that sorbet later, but sometimes you eat the bad stuff. Particularly when you know the reaction isn’t as bad as a dairy or peanut reaction. Particularly when you are lamenting the loss of ice cream. C’est la vie. I live to tell.


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