NOM NOM Gluten Free

One thing I realize now is that I must end my dependance on Starbucks.

It is slowly killing the nutritional aspects of my grocery spending. Until recently, coffee really did not work for me. I loved the smell, but absolutely hated the taste. I would imagine such a great flavor and be completely shocked each time I tried another sip. Gross. Well, that was until I found the special versions with fancy names and holiday syrups at Starbucks. I have no clue if there is gluten in the syrups, to be honest, and I frankly do not want to know. Not til February. (Hee hee.) Call it strategic ignorance. (No substantial reactions yet…yes!)

On the other hand, I am in love with the caffeine. Never in my life have I felt so awake! In need of a little midterm paper motivation? BAM that coffee lights your world up like a Christmas tree! Fortunately, I do not have too many of those. I actually have a little happy thought to share with you. I studied to the loss of social life so well that I averaged the top scores in my hardest economics class this semester AND no longer have to take the final. The hardcore efforts over this semester actually allow me to indulge my other focus. Perhaps you’ve noticed…

hideous and adorable. pugs can do that.

One thing I have yet to get out of my system is the need to BAKE COOKIES. I have had plenty of encouragement though, do not assume this is completely my doing. Hee hee, it’s just mostly mine…

A close guy friend of mine in St. Louis was excited to tell me about his plans this past weekend for a cookie making class. As he described the complete selection of fancy names, delicious thoughts of chocolaty orange, buttery cranberry, and rich molasses got me thinking. I wanted to bake. I wanted to bake such delicious treats it made the batter jealous.

Certainly, those ideas sounded perfect and wintery to me. I mean, I am the girl who cannot wait for the Christmas cookie magazines to hit the stands. If I could actually eat the Wilton products without headaches, I would cover everything in pearlized, glittery, shiny products. Mmmm. Tis the season!

However, when I was thinking about this, I recalled the best wintertime activity of an elementary school student’s existence and changed my direction. Does anyone else remember (back long, long ago when healthy did not destroy the surplus of candy available to those 10 and under…) making graham cracker gingerbread houses out of milk cartons? We covered ours with as much frosting as possible so that more candy would stick! Heheh.

obviously this kid had supervision - multiply that candy by 10X please!

Ridiculous, but brilliant. No one could stand the “icing” or whatever that stuff was once it dried out. I mean, seriously, it held that graham cracker to the cardboard and year after desperate year, I failed trying to get that sucker off. Hard as a rock. Solid.

Well this year I am super excited to try out a legitimate gluten free gingerbread recipe from none other than Karina (seriously, her recipe stash = the Hail Mary to gluten free baking). BUT I want your opinion because I aim to make something serious. We’re talking big kid size.

Should it be frilly? Or maybe a little more EPIC. Should I try some detail frosting instead of focusing on the home itself? A more tailored appearance perhaps… Well, it’s up to you! Please comment with examples and as inspiration hits, I’m going for it!

We’re talking pictures. And details. And drama! The more ammo you give me, the better the results will be.

However, I am one to have a PLAN B. If all attempts fail, I have decided to create a gingerbread teepee and call it sustainable housing. 🙂 We will solve the environmental issues one gingerbread experiment at a time if necessary at my house. My brothers are behind this one hundred percent. How organic of them.

Q: Seriously, thoughts on gingerbread houses? Want to show off your creations? Funny stories or gingery drama? Tell me. That, and tell me if there are any Arizona-based products I should try to get my mitts on for decorating/baking purposes!

image sources: starbucks, pug, domo kun, frosting, school house, martha stewart house, teepee


2 thoughts on “NOM NOM Gluten Free

  1. I was a Starbucks loyalist — until I moved down the road from Peet’s Coffee & Tea. I haven’t looked back since. I’m there nearly everyday because, somehow, they do an eggnog latte and a macchiato better than Starbucks does it.

    • Really? I do not know if we have that… I’ll have to check it out! A caramel macchiato sounds so good. SO GOOD. 🙂

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