New Year, New Body

Basically, I decided to put some thoughtful practice into writing. I think I need to make some yearly plans for myself, because I realized something… I have opted out of yoga for the past two days.

Not a serious problem, but if I want to make it a consistent habit, I need to have an accountability system. A blog can help with that. I do not know about you, but publishing your plans to the entire world is a little motivating. Yoga? Meet motivation.

There are some other things on my mind for this semester besides yoga. Here are my other healthy goals for the spring…

1. Write posts and queue them. No more feast and famine style blogging.

2. Read more books.

3. Give more. There’s more to life than me.

4. Sweeten friendships. Global relationships need this.

5. Practice yoga and choose to sleep.

I find that keeping healthy wishes simple makes them easier to accomplish, and motivates me to fulfill them to an even greater degree. I also believe health is strongly connected to your entire lifestyle, not just nutrition or your workout regimen. My healthy goals fulfill personal needs, which then enable me to stay strong in the other areas of health.

Q: How about you? Do you have any healthy plans or fun things on your Spring agenda? I am forming plans for an adventuresome Spring Break! Trips to visit friends all around the United States, hopefully. 🙂


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Body

    • Thank you! My style blogging needs some attention for sure. Hahaha. It is difficult to be consistent when your schedule constantly changes. Project meetings eat up your free time soo fast.

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