Interns & Snacks

Hello guys,

I promised you a little update on my first day at my internship aaaand some snack reviews. Well, I have great news.

I am more than a glorified copy machine artist, though less than a presidential parking spot. Cheers! And oh- you get to hear the story too. I did not see marked parking for the firm on Monday and just picked a spot. No labels, rather obscure, no problems. Then the receptionist randomly calls in to my supervisor’s office and asks if anyone (cough, the intern, cough) drives a certain color car.

…which is parked in the president’s parking spot. …who will be returning soon. And would I like to move it?

🙂 Yes, yes I would.

Ms. Receptionist is a really lovely person in the office and I am so grateful she saved me from a terrible first impression. May your maternity leave be showered with people who massage your feet and cook for you. Amen.

On to our update on the allergy friendly snacks! More good news…

I have loved them. All of them. Ohm nom nom.

Chocolate Cherry Torte makes the world delicious and rich. I am seriously jealous of anyone who has access to the Larabar newest: cappuccino. I’ll bet it’s heavenly.

The salty green seaweed taste makes my other, more exotic treat really cool to eat. I like steamed vegetables covered in a salty dressing. Be prepared though. The seaweed wants to stick to your mouth, makes obnoxious crunchy sounds, and is somewhat chewy. I recommend stuffing your face with two or three sheets every time your colleague leaves the room so that you can have little green specks on your lips and fingers by the time he returns. I’m keen on those first impressions. I really am. 😉

Like I’ve resolved, I’ll keep checking back in with you as we continue on with our snack Olympic tryouts! Hopefully next week I can break into my lunchtime marathons. More on those soon.

Q: Do you have any first-time stories about work? Or funny incidents? Tell us!


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