Roll with Punches and Bake Anew

Upon review, I have come to terms with three issues:

  1. Starting this past January, I have a slender budget to work off of. Eating out is limited. #SomewhatBroke
  2. My food allergies have won. I’ve actually been being good and not eating the stuff (for the most part). #LabelReadingQueen
  3. Writing posts more than once every few weeks has become a chore as opposed to the awesome personal outlet I love. #BlogBummer

Facts are only as good as the solutions they inspire, so here is my inspiration for some real change.

One: I’m “hiding” this blog. There are great local businesses and restaurants attached to it and I want to show respect by keeping only the initial association. Local, Arizona business adventures = Eating the Sunshine. Check.

Two: I am continuing my journey to health and attaching it to my personal life. I cannot write with such a tight, restricted subject line anymore. Food allergies changed the game, and I’m adjusting, but with freedom. I realized how much fun I can have and how much more I have to say when I talk about what I feel personally connected to. My money blog is covered with enough posts drafted for February that I have one post for every three days. I cannot wait to type more.

I want that kind of fire for food blogging, so here is the final thing I have to say:

Three: There is a new blog in the makings.

I am focusing on how I embrace food. It opens up doors for conversation on food as medicine, food as tools for cleaning, cultural expressions that may use food, and the occasional recipe. I am not going to record what I eat, where I eat, what YOU need to eat, or how to achieve foodie Nirvana. Far from it. Consider the new blog personal exploration and development. I’m looking for great conversation and bringing up my personal life as food comes up in it.

If that sounds appealing, I will tweet the link soon. I have not been able to start writing yet, but I am excited to draft to my heart’s content for now.


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