Welcome to Eating the Sunshine! This is me.

I am the sunshine-eating Bethany. A little blogging history for you: I began writing stories and taking pictures about diet (meaning eating lifestyle) during my Sophomore year attending Washington University in St. Louis. After lots of nutritional searching, I chose to eat a low glycemic diet and found considerable challenges. With no list of friendly packaged foods, or practical recipes for busy people, I created a blog to let others know my favorite go-to products. Personal, spontaneous reviews led me to enjoy the privilege of recognition by Larabar and Sunbutter company.


The following summer, I traveled to Hong Kong. Learning how to take better pictures and talk about experiences there made me realize something was missing in my current food blog. In Hong Kong, I discovered what it meant to respect the local farmers and restaurant owners. I realized how much I needed to respect the abundance I could have at my own home. This, of course, left me floundering when I came back to the United States.

That’s when I dove into eating local produce and exploring my native Arizona. Wow, what an amazing place to live! I now enjoy telling the stories behind your favorite corner restaurants and sharing little insights with you, complete with photos. My ultimate goal is to capture the stories you have not heard so that together, we can discover what living as a community means, one dish at a time.

Welcome to Eating the Sunshine, and thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello dear Bethany, what a delight you are, I enjoyed reading the information you spoke of
    above, and thank you for including me in your requests for favorite places to eat. We have
    enjoyed eating at a place called Haji Baba, it’s in Tempe and is owned by some Middle Eastern
    people. It seems to be quite popular with the young people at ASU, as the times we’ve been there
    during lunchtime have been pretty busy with students and also business people as well. It is
    kind of a hole in the wall type place with a grocery store on one side which sells all types of
    Middle Eastern products, food and otherwise. We really like their food, much of what they serve is lamb. I normally don’t care for lamb but the way they cook it is delicious. Bless you dear one, so good to see your picture above, have missed you. Love you lots. Karen Messinger

    • Hello Mrs. Karen! What a delight to hear from you! I will definitely be going to see Haji Baba and peruse the grocery section. Hopefully (hopefully) there may be baklava or havleh. Mmmm. 🙂

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