My Cupcake Affair

Friends, I am very excited about this post.

I am also very concerned about this post, so please know that I do actually eat healthfully. I really do. Promise.

I’m turning this post into “Picture Monday.” Cupcakes, go!

Birthday Cake cupcake - sprinkles!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate cupcake - just look at that luscious frosting...

Espresso cupcake - not as pudgly as it looks, promise

Vanilla Bean cupcake - simplicity is often bliss, and this was

Each of these photos came from The Coffee Shop. On random days, I enjoy popping into The Coffee Shop and asking if gluten free cupcakes are available. Every day there are vegan (read: dairy free) cupcake options, but gluten free versions appear on random. I think it is always worthwhile to ask. Why? Allergy friendly cupcakes on demand and locally made, no less.

Support the community – check. Support my cupcake addiction – double check. 😉

The frosting especially is worth every penny. I love that stuff. There is one issue I do think I should mention. If you order the gluten free cupcakes, I sometimes find that they are dry inside. I think this is because I get the last ones of the batch, which have sat out for longer. Real food generally lasts less than forever. Surprise, surprise.

I am in love with Cruelty Free Cupcakes. Visit The Coffee Shop, enjoy the coffee, and tweet me if you find they have gluten free options!

Q: What is the most amazing cupcake flavor you have seen or had?


Cupcake Confession

This is my special advertised guest. The best friend from high school. She is Jessica.

Jessica & Me

I thought we would be sharing a fabulous cupcake-a-thon with you, but here starts the confession. Actually, this whole post is a confession. Let me start with the intentions. I completely and totally intended to go to the Cupcake Love-In this weekend. I was psyched.

source: Eater AZ

I bought a ticket weeks in advance and wrote it into my calendar. A few moments of thought later, and it dawned on me. Who does not like cupcakes?? I immediately messaged my best friend Jessica on Facebook. I told her she needed to drive up from the University of Arizona to come join me. After all, there were vegan vendors like 24 Carrots and Cruelty-Free Cupcakes. Lactose-intolerance? No problems. Vegans avoid all that stuff anyway. Score for cupcakes, score for the moo moos.

source: Vintage Vagrant

Well, the 2nd Annual Cupcake Love-In sold out. (YAY) …aaaand I ditched it.

Sunday morning I found out Jessica did not have a ticket and could not get in. This would not work. Instead of hiking it over to schmooze those cupcakes, I let the world know my Economics major actually means something has taken over my life. A charity ticket is a sunk cost. Quality time with Jessica? Economically speaking, priceless! (Confession: Attendee Fail and Nerd at Heart.)

source: we heart it

Do not worry though, we ate cupcakes anyway! Actually, we went all the way up to Scottsdale to enjoy some catch-up conversation over coffee and shopping. You may judge us, be we consider cupcakes and coffee to be the breakfast of weekends. This is, of course, why we are such good friends.

Final Confession: They were not local. Not by a long shot. And speaking of which, that is what topped my cupcake. A shot of frosting. There, the truth is known. I fess! I fess!

I want to make it up to you though. I need some local business inspiration. And for that, a vote is necessary.

Where should I go this weekend to photograph some scrumptious (cough *nutritious* cough) breakfast from local restaurants? Where do YOU go for a tasty morning meal?

Comment away!